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Meet the mischief


L.Pine is a recently graduated art student who just made their debut as an author this year. Their short horror story "Furry Skins" was featured in the Wild Violence anthology, hosted and published by Blood Rites Horror and they have two more short stories coming out July 2021. 

"Anna and Abby" will be released in Welcome to the Carnival and

"A Pleasant Family Visit" is being published by Dead Fish Books in their Universe of Attractions anthology.

When not writing, L.Pine shares their artwork on Instagram, or posts creative analysis and review videos on YouTube. 

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A long time graduate of Graphic Design, R. Al-Najjar is a hobbyist writer and avid escapee of reality via video games.

Though not currently employed in a creative field, she enjoys sharing her comics and artwork online, while struggling to maintain her sanity by creating dozens of yarn toys.

They have currently infiltrated every room of the house, and may possibly be planning a take-over.

R. Al-Najjar has been a founder and admin of the online writers forum Writers Ink and has been involved in several collaborative writing projects such as The Alverdale Tangle, Castle of Silk, and The Future Revised.

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